melissa + kyle {engagement session}

The world is a small place sometimes. Kyle is friends with a good friend of mine, who is actually doing the invites to their wedding {Jenn Dunne’s website here :: Turn of Phrase}.  These two decided on doing an Engagement Session after a slightly bad experience in front of the camera, and got all worried about the photography on their big day.  So I took them out on a semi-cold day earlier this year for some practice in getting mushy in front of the camera and they left the session feeling much more relieved than when they entered it.

Engagement Sessions and wedding day photography can be daunting, having a camera follow you around capturing your every move.  That’s why I always encourage this kind of session prior to the big day, so you get a little familiar with not only this thing being pointed in your face the whole time, but also to get to know your photographer a little better and work out a nice dynamic between the two parties.  And, in the end, get some really fun photos out of it, too. :)


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