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Here’s Jeeves, my kitty cat.  I rescued this babe from the MEOW Foundation a few months ago after he was seemingly abandoned by his owners at only a few months old.  When I inquired MEOW for a cat, I wanted something really specific.. mostly because I had a very picky princess at home (Cloud) who would need someone that “knows their place”.  I was specifically looking for a young (not kitten) cat, tabby and male.  Well, I would have been alright with a female but perhaps Cloud would enjoy being the only girl cat in the house (who knows).  I visited the MEOW house and met with a lot of lovely cats, and was feeling like perhaps my ideal match wasn’t quite there – until one of the staff let me know that they had a young male tabby that wasn’t even in their system yet because he was freshly rescued.  I met Jeeves and instantly fell in love.  He was exactly what I was looking for and I felt he would be a great match for Cloud.  He kisses your hand nearly every time you touch him; he curls up on your lap while you work.  He is a gentleman who only climbs onto you when he knows you’re awake to greet you with a morning purr. I really can’t imagine who would abandon such a sweet babe.  Regardless, I am glad he’s in my life and he’s given me much joy after the passing of my 18-year-old Jinx, who was the light of my life.

Through Jinx, I was able to see just how much having a pet can shape and change your life.  It’s absolutely incredible.

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