best engagement photographs of 2013 (winter+spring) {vote for me!}

One of my photographs was chosen as a finalist in’s Best Engagement Photographs of 2013 (Winter+Spring) contest!  Please click on the image below of click here to vote Andrea and Brendan’s photo for best engagement photo!

best engagement photo contest calgary anna michalska photography

I was super pumped about using the Bow sculpture “Wonderland” when Andrea and Brendan were planning their Engagement Session with me.  It’s a very unique sculpture to our city of Calgary and also pretty brand new, so it attracts a lot of attention – especially people trying to climb it!  When we arrived, the sun was setting and it was a perfect time to set up a light just behind the sculpture on the other side of where the bride and groom are standing.  I took this with my 24-70mm and I realized in order for me to actually get the face in the photo, I had to lay flat on the ground so that’s where I was to take this photo!  When I looked back at it I felt it was actually the best engagement photo of the entire session, and probably one of the best engagement photo I’ve ever taken!  I had to submit it to this contest and I am hoping with everyone’s help, we can help Andrea and Brendan win the contest.  They get a pretty sweet prize – a pair of tungsten carbide wedding bands from Black Tie Rings Canada. They can select any two rings from the eStore, up to $250 each ($500 total value).  How awesome is that!  Facebook counts for 33% of the votes so please click on the image above, or click here to vote for best engagement photo! Your votes are super appreciated and you’re welcome to share the image on Facebook to boost their chances of winning.  You can check out the rest of Andrea and Brendan’s Engagement Session right here!  Thank you all so much for voting for best engagement photo!  :)

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