naaz + mom { mother & daughter images: family mini session }

This session is really close to my heart.  Mother & daughter images are something I wish I had more of (including of myself and my mom), and was thrilled to hear that Naaz picked her mom for this session to capture some wonderful mother & daughter images.

Naaz was the lucky winner of a contest I held on my Facebook page.  For those not in the know, I hold contests on my Facebook page every once in a while where the prize is usually a free session of some kind – and if you DIDN’T know, I suggest you go and “like” the page immediately for future contests.  ;)  There were a lot of entries for this contest and the winner was chosen at random; Naaz seemed over the moon to win the session and decided to take the chance to capture some fun mother & daughter images.  We planned a short session to hit up two locations, Prince’s Island Park and a spot close to Rotary Park that’s very famous for a wonderful view of downtown.  As it turns out, there were a ton of people at Prince’s Island Park also enjoying the wonderful weather, and it made a perfect scene for some mother & daughter images.  Naaz and her mother made the comment that they have a very similar photo of the two of them with geese (similar to the one below); it was great to recreate something for them from their past.  :)

My mother is very camera shy, so getting her to do this kind of session would be like pulling teeth.  In the past when attempting photographs as a family, she’s been known to let her eyes wander and miss the lens completely.  But as we get older, the importance of these kinds of photos only grows deeper.  I know how hard it is to be in front of a camera – you feel vulnerable and exposed, but having these images is such a priceless thing.  I’m so glad Naaz chose her mother for the session and that we got to capture these mother & daughter images for them to enjoy for years and years to come.

mother daughter sitting by statue at prince's island parkmother daughter sitting by statue at prince's island park black and whitemother daughter sitting by geese at prince's island parkmother daughter kiss sitting by geese at prince's island parkmother daughter portraits at prince's island parkmother daughter by river side cafe at prince's island parkmother daughter laughing portraits black and whitemother kissing daughter's head black and white portrait by riverskyline downtown mother daughter portrait by rotary parkmother and daughter resting on grass with eyes closed

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