anna + barry { sunset engagement session over the city, calgary }

Barry is an awesome guy, and Anna is bubbly and cute girl you just want to pick up and put in your pocket.  Anna has so much energy and was so excited for the Engagement Session, and she had a lot of great ideas.  She even included a religious “photo bomber” (her words!) into the session!  Most of all, I was absolutely taken aback by the view we had.  Sometimes, you feel like you’ve seen the city from all angles having lived here for nearly all of my life, but no.  I’m always surprised and taken aback.  And super thankful for Anna and Barry for showing me this amazing view, making it a great location for our sunset engagement session!

To be honest, I haven’t done very many Hindu weddings in the past.  And combined with Anna’s enthusiasm, I am SO excited to capture their mixed cultural wedding brought to life.  If the awesome engagement session was any indication of how fun these two really are, I honestly cannot wait for their big day next year.  These two are flying away overseas to do one ceremony, and then another one back here shortly after.  Two ceremonies!  Not to mention all of the wonderful Hindu celebrations that happen the week before the big day!  Anna’s parents seem to be on top of the planning from what I hear, and I’m pumped to see the events unfold and all the awesome details that’ll be put into the special day.

And seriously, look at these two.  What an adorable and FUN couple, Anna kept us laughing the whole time – which may have been somewhat out of nervousness by being in front of the camera! – but they were both so amazing and playful with each other.  I absolutely love Anna’s ring, it’s a beautiful citrine color… Barry did well!  :)

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