roanne + jordan { winter engagement session calgary }

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Roanne and Jordan’s beautiful wedding already… I’ll let these two do the talking for the photos below!

How did you two meet?
“We met through our good friends Alyssa and Garrett (who are now married now). Roanne grew up with Alyssa in Bonnyville and Garrett and Jordan were college roommates. When we met, we were just a group of friends.”
Roanne: “I thought Jordan was a very nice guy and I had even told Alyssa that I want to marry a “guy like him”.”
Jordan: “I thought Roanne was a very sweet girl, and enjoyed the brief time we spent together.”

What brings you two together, and what do you enjoy spending time doing together?
Roanne: “I think what brought us together is the fact that being together is so easy. (if that makes sense) We’re able to talk about everything under the sun and share so much laughter. One of my favorite things to do is to put some music on, pour a glass of wine, and chat. A simple as that is, we have the best nights just enjoying each other’s company.”
Jordan: “We spend most of our time laughing together. Nothing in particular brings us together, I think we just share a really close bond that allows us to not get sick of each other!”

Describe an event or memory that was significant about one another, and how your feelings or thoughts may have changed/grew as a result.
Roanne: “Meeting each other’s families was big for me. Seeing Jordan go with my family’s flow (we’re crazy) solidified my love for him. Meeting Jordan’s family and seeing how much love his family has for everyone around them, made me want to be a part of it all whether they like it or not!”
Jordan: “Family was a big one for me as well, and seeing how quickly my family took to Roanne, as well as how comfortable she was around them really made me realize how important she was to me.”

I can’t wait to share their beautiful wedding photos with you all – for now, enjoy a few snaps from their winter engagement session in Calgary.  :)

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