Courtney + Scott | Winter Engagement Photos In Banff

We have had an extremely mild 2014 winter, so it was actually a little difficult to plan on winter engagement photos!  Thankfully, Banff is known to be a little colder than Calgary so we felt that it would be a safe bet that if there was snow in Calgary, there would definitely be snow in Banff.  Originally, Courtney and Scott wanted to do some tobogganing shots… nope.  Not enough snow for that.  Can’t believe that’s something we’d be saying here in Calgary and area!

Regardless, Banff welcomed us with snow and pretty mild temperatures for their engagement session.  Well, except for the first few photos – you can’t really tell, but the wind was FREEZING so mad props to Courtney and Scott, who are now used to amazing San Francisco weather, for toughing it out in this location!!

Courtney and Scott brought their fantastic puppy, Nala, which they love so much and she clearly brings the two of them together.  But I’ll let them speak for themselves about their relationship.  :)

I can’t wait for their big day in just a few months!

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How did you two meet?
Courtney: Scott and I met through my older brother, Brad. Scott and Brad were good friends before I even knew Scott. The first time I met Scott I knew I had to date him. I was pretty forward with letting him know I liked him. Scott asked Brad for permission to date me and my brother said no, haha. My whole family did not like that I was dating someone who was 4.5 years older than me (We have now been dating for 7 years). We tried to stay away from each other but eventually we found it to be silly and told my family that we were going to date whether they liked it or not. Soon enough, a couple months down the road my family fell in love with Scott and now they are very close. Brad always mentions that he is so happy to have Scott marry his little sister.
Scott: I knew of Courtney before meeting her, because I had been friends with her brother for a few years. We met in person for the first time at a party for my 23rd birthday. I didn’t expect her to be there but she stood out because of her obvious beauty but also because of her positive energy. We chatted a lot that night and had a few more chance encounters over the summer. Eventually she became single and I couldn’t pass up the chance to start dating her that fall. It made for a few awkward months around her brothers, though, haha.

What are some common interests that keep you two together?
Courtney: Moving to San Francisco from Calgary was a huge step in bringing us together. We grew closer with everything we experienced down there. Since we didn’t know anyone, we did everything together and every experience brought us even closer together. Our dog, Nala, also brings us together. I had been wanting a dog for years and we finally went to a shelter and found Nala. She was a little monster at first but we spent a lot of time training her and giving her lots of love that she grew into a very loving animal! We are a very active couple, we don’t stay at home very often. Our days usually consist of some type of exercise and going to get a morning cup of coffee and wandering around San Francisco. On the weekends we tend to go up to wine country or check out brewery tours as well as take Nala to the dog parks or dog beaches so she gets some exercise. We love her to pieces.
Scott: I love that Courtney is up for new adventures. Moving to San Francisco was a really big change for both of us, and it’s made us best friends as we start a new life there (with our dog Nala). Just before the move we set off on a trip to Thailand with nothing booked except for plane tickets. I know that was a change for Courtney who likes to be the planner. We had an awesome time and it was a great way to kick off our new life adventure in California.

Share a wonderful memory with us!
Courtney: I remember the day Scott asked me to marry him. He is not the lovey dovey type nor does he talk about his feelings much but this day he was making sure to tell me how much he loves me. He was very nervous and I knew in that moment he was going to ask me. Sure enough, he popped the question!
Scott: I remember being in Thailand for their new year celebration. Courtney and I were running around the tiny island of Koh Phi Phi with fully loaded super soakers working as a two person team in a giant water fight. It was fun and unique and there isn’t anybody I would have rather had with me for it.

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