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Usually when I meet couples for the first time, I show up with a treat for the meeting.  When I first met with Alison and Anthony I had baked a lemon loaf for our consultation, and a couple of days after we had met I received an email in my inbox from them.  It said that they’d decided to book with me on the condition that I shared my lemon loaf recipe with them.  Ha!  And here you all thought I just took nice photos… ;)

Alison and Anthony exhibited fantastic fortitude in the cold for their engagement session, as we visited areas that meant a lot to them as a couple and also areas I had wanted to photograph in for a long time.  These amazing engineers are getting married this summer, and I couldn’t be more pumped to be a part of their celebration!

How did you two meet?
Anthony: Alison and I met for the first time in High School Math AP, but also got to know each other through High School field hockey, where I was one of the team’s athletic trainers. I couldn’t get over the number of similarities in both personality and interests that we shared, so it was difficult not to be attracted to her. She was friendly, energetic, and fun to be around. Following High School, Alison and I soon crossed paths again in the first year of our engineering degree at the University of Calgary. In the second semester of our first year we started dating and have been together ever since.
Alison: I think Anthony covered our early history perfectly! I always smile when I remember how most of my field hockey team knew that I was interested in Anthony and how I had so many “injuries” that needed attention from our trainer. Since then I think we’ve grown up and changed quite a bit, but what drew me to Anthony at 18 is still the same today – his confidence and passion in everything he does and his loyalty to his friends and family.

What are some common interests you two share that keep you together?
Anthony & Alison: We enjoy doing many different activities together – from taking walks by the river, to biking and hiking, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, to playing board games and cards together. We’ve been able to have the opportunity to go on several trips and our list of places for our next adventure continues to get longer! We also have similar tastes in music and shared Anthony’s first live concert together. Finally, a lot of our time together is spent with family and friends, which we both highly value.

Share an outstanding memory with us!
Anthony: A small, but strong, memory for me was the first time I dropped the ‘L-bomb’ (aka. ‘I love you’) on Alison. It was the summer after our first year university. I didn’t plan on it, but those words snuck out during an evening walk with just 2 of us. Alison was never one to rush into things, so I was generally vulnerable knowing full-well that the feeling may not be reciprocated right away. She only hesitated for a moment – surprised I think – but I received an ‘I love you too’ in return. The genuine nature of the moment, and the trust we had to share with each other made it something memorable. I believe it was our first big step towards our lasting commitment to each other.
Alison: One of the memories that stands out for me was when we took our first trip to the UK together when Anthony was able to meet my family in Scotland. This trip was important to me as it gave me the opportunity to show him the people and places that have meant so much to me. It was also Anthony’s first trip overseas and I was excited that he was up for a new adventure with me. We learned a lot more about each other’s quirks and strange habits, and had a few arguments along the way, but overall the experience brought us closer together and made me realize that this was the guy I wanted to continue to have adventures with.

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