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Tips from the Aisle, Episode 2: Custom Wedding Dress Hangers

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Hey guys!  Today we’re going to be looking at custom wedding dress hangers, and how they may be solving a problem you didn’t know you had!



This is a personalized bridal wedding hanger that I ordered from a shop on Etsy.  This particular one is dark cherry walnut wood with an aqua ribbon.  As you can see, the appeal of these clothing hangers are the custom wire center where personalized words or letters can be shaped out of the wire.  They look fantastic and they come in many different wood and plastic options, optional pretty bows, and I’ve even seen some that are “double decker”, meaning there are two wires for customization options.  I purchased this hanger for about $45 after shipping and US dollar conversion, but I have seen local Calgary vendors offer this service so there’s a good chance that it can be found a little cheaper from a local craftsman and will have it faster than shipping internationally.
So what exactly is the issue a silly hanger can solve?  Well, it’s not uncommon for wedding photographers to want to take a creative shot of the dress before the bride puts it on. Usually this ends up being one of the most unique photos of the day, and more often than not, this shot gets included in the final wedding album.  As a result, I do sometimes struggle when the dress that probably cost thousands of dollars is being hung up with a cheap plastic hanger.  It’s just hard to make a crappy plastic hanger look good!  Sometimes these plastic hangers are not strong enough to support the weight of the dress or simply can’t swivel to hang from certain spots.  Having a hanger like this not only solves the swivel problem but also compliments your beautiful wedding dress, plus afterwards you get a super cute hanger to use over and over!

Ultimately, these hangers also make a cute bridesmaids gifts or gifts for the mothers as well.

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