April + Kurt | Calgary Inglewood Engagement Session

April and Kurt are about as friendly as they come. And they also come with a super friendly and curious poppy, Floki, which is a bonus. These two amazing folks are getting married next year in Canmore and I just can’t wait!!

Their engagement session was in two places very dear to my heart, and they were amazingly flexible and open to photograph!

The age old question… how did you two meet?
April: Kurt and I meet on a blind set up, courtesy of April’s sister and Kurt’s best friends’ wife. We met at Stampede in true Calgarian form. Kurt was 1 hour late due to being on a pub crawl and April was 2 hours late! (Getting a tattoo :) )
It was an incredibly awkward first meet as the setter uppers were already drunk and super excited to “watch our love spark”. After 20 minutes of them staring at us Kurt took my hand and we walk away to get to know one another and relive some of the pressure.
Needless to say we hit it off and we have been together ever since!

What are some common interests that keep you two together?
April: Kurt and I have a lot of common interests but lots of separate ones as well.
The main thing we like to do is go out to eat with friends or BBQ in the backyard. We spend most our summers outside.
We also enjoy watching Zombie movies or Zombie TV shows together.
We both love music even though our tastes are not the same we can appreciate each others. (at least for a little while :) )
We both really enjoy travelling even if it’s to Canmore for a weekend.
Kurt and I have recently adopted a puppy who is probably the love of our lives! He is so amazing and the best thing that happened to us so far!
Love to sit outside and play ball with our Floki.

Tell us the engagement story!
April: Kurt and I did not talk too much about the marriage question, I think we both knew it would come eventually but that wouldn’t stop me from leaving subtle “girly” hints. (or as Kurt would put it “as subtle as hammer to head” but hey I’m a girl haha!)
So on a raining Wednesday August afternoon Kurt and I were having dinner and I had found a particularly sad song which was not something new for me, but often will put me in a downer mood (not to mention it was raining!). So our dinner was over and we were sitting in the garage where Kurt and I were talking and I mentioned that my sisters boyfriend was looking at rings (hint hint) He started to laugh which really did not help my grumpy mood. Our anniversary had just past so Kurt said he there was something in the car for me because we didn’t really celebrate our anniversary.
Kurt came out of the truck with a bouquet of flowers and a Pandora bag.
We went inside and I read the card then opened the Pandora charm bag and pulled out an amazing engagement ring. I was so shocked I could not even speak! He was just smiling. I said yes of course and was so surprised I must have asked his if he was serious like 100 times! It was a ended up being the greatest night!

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