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These two lead very busy lives so I was super happy to be able to get the two of them together for their Engagement Session, and spend some time with them! ¬†Darlene and Sean were so kind as to trust me to lead them to some great spots for their photos, including Calgary Ramsay (one of my favorite neighborhoods). I’m sure they may have thought I was a crazy person, leading them into a tiny bush at Prince’s Island Park, but I’m so glad they trusted me anyway. :) Their wedding is coming up real quick here, and I can’t wait!

The age old questions… how did you two meet?
Darlene & Sean: We met at a Halloween party about three years ago, and spent the night chatting. To paint the picture, Darlene was wearing a super mario costume and Sean was dressed as a forest ranger, we compared mustaches and this all led to a date in the week to come. Darlene thought Sean was funny and sweet, and Sean thought Darlene was cute and charming to talk to.

What are the common interests that bind you together?
Darlene & Sean: We have a little dog we adopted last year, she’s got lots of energy so she’s always keeping us on her toes or bugging us for cuddles and pets. We like travelling together, we’ve gone on a few small trips here (Maui, Ontario, Arizona) and Sean has probably taken Darlene to all of the sporting events she’s ever been to in her life – including a baseball game which went on for 19 innings!

A favorite memory?
Darlene & Sean: One of Sean’s favorite memories is the day he proposed. It was over the holidays in 2014/15 and Darlene had to work, as he ushered her out the door she suspected he couldn’t wait to play video games all day. Little did she know he spent the day preparing the apartment and filling it with candles and roses. She came home with an armful of groceries and was in disbelief! In fact, she was quiet for the first while and said “what do I do?!”. Of course, he proposed and she said yes!

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