Darlene + Sean | Pinebrook Golf Club Wedding


Perfect weather. Perfect skies. Perfect day.

That seems like such a buzzword headline, but there’s really no other way to describe how it went down for Darlene and Sean’s big day.  While I did help plan the schedule of the day, it was truly Darlene’s organization and fabulous spreadsheet skills that really put things together.  The bridal party was SO fun and so easy going, and truly made my job that day a blast!

Darlene and Sean did a first look on the terrace of their condo building, which was honestly one of the coolest spots for a reveal.  We set out for portraits with just the two of them before the ceremony to St. Patrick’s Island (it was my first time there for photos — LOVE it!) as well as a few photos along Stephen Ave.  I absolutely loved the pace of the portraits, and how Darlene and Sean gave themselves time to be with each other uninterruptedly.  We were able to get so many fun and unique shots this way, and it made for such a nice and relaxing time for the couple before their ceremony.  :)

The rest of the day went off without a hitch, and the entire wedding party took full advantage of the photo booth that happened later that night.  The DJ played 90s tunes and I’ve honestly never seen a dance floor more pumped to dance to Backstreet Boys — it was AMAZING.  My favorite thing was to see Darlene’s great grandmother bust a move, what an amazingly cute lady! #goals

Thank you so much to Darlene and Sean for the honor of having me be a part of your day!

See their beautiful sunset engagement photos here!

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Describe your planning process!
Darlene & Sean: We saw several venues looking for a space which we felt we would like and would be suitable for guests looking to enjoy different things at our wedding. When we got to Pinebrook we saw the spacious views which surrounded the venue through the windows and we took a moment to enjoy how beautiful the mountains in the background were. The space was great as it had a large dance floor for our friends, a lounge area, and just a gorgeous outdoor space for our guests from out of town to enjoy the Rocky Mountains.

What was your favorite part of the day?
Darlene & Sean: It’s hard to choose one favorite part! Darlene’s favorite unplanned moment was when a group of friends started serenading us during our first dance – took a lot of the pressure off things we worried about like tripping or stepping on the dress and let us laugh and enjoy having everyone around us. Sean says his favorite moment was the first look and seeing Darlene in her dress to marry him. Our ring bearer and flower girl were pretty shy in front of a big crowd, after they walked down the aisle together our ring bear got back up to give the best man a little fist bump and it was adorable.

Greatest advice for newly engaged couples planning their big day?
Darlene & Sean: Be true to what you want, the hardest part of planning for us was figuring out what was important to us and not getting distracted too much by the million things you can add to a wedding. Sometimes you forget it is a day about the couple!

Ceremony and Reception venue: Pinebrook Golf & Country Club // Officiant: Barry Chugg // Bridal attire: Novia Mia // Groom’s attire: JP Tilford Custom at Harry Rosen // Groomsmen suits: Zara // Groomsmen accessories: The Tie Bar // Bridesmaid necklaces: J Crew // DJ: House of Bounce // Hair stylist: Hedkandi Salon // Makeup artist: Christina Polischuk Makeup Artist // Florist: Philip Chong Flower Bar // Cake: Pretty Sweet // Guestbook board: Chalkboards & Co. // Second photographer: Crystal of Sujata Photography

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