Rachael + Robert | Calgary Summer Engagement Photos


It’s starting to get a little cooler and darker out here in Calgary, so I’m looking back at the images from Rachael and Robert’s engagement session and wishing for that wonderful sunset we experienced that day!  These amazing lovebirds are getting married this November and I can’t wait to be a part of their celebration.  :D

How did you two meet?
We met at the Glencoe when we both worked in turfcare one summer.
Robert: I thought Rachael had the prettiest smile and I also noticed what I call her “shotgun” laugh. It’s a very abrupt and loud laugh.
Rachael: I thought Robert was tall, dark, and handsome. But what I really noticed was his sense of humour.

What are some of your common interests?
Rachael & Robert: We enjoy everything together. We’re both kind of loners but we feel lucky that we found our best friend in each other. Everything we do together is awesome because we get to do it together.

How did the proposal go down?
Rachael & Robert: Possibly the most romantic story in history! We were going to Banff to hike to the Lake Agnes Tea House for a tea and biscuit when we realized that it was April and the Tea House wasn’t open yet. We had to go on a new hike for us along the Elbow River. We got to a little bench and Robert wanted to sit down. He started falling over his words and fumbling with his pocket and then took out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and said those four magical words… “Will you marry me?” We hiked back down (well I floated) and then went for lunch. When we got home we celebrated over our favourite meal – taco salad! – and champagne.

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