Malloreigh + Allie | Vancouver Heritage Hall Wedding

They may not know it (or maybe they do), but the moment that I found out that Malloreigh and Allie got engaged, I had secretly wanted for them to even remotely consider choosing me as their wedding photographer. I felt like perhaps it was bit of a pipe dream considering the wedding was in Vancouver and perhaps they had someone else in mind. After some casual conversation on Facebook a few weeks later, Malloreigh brought up the suggestion of me being their wedding photographer and I nearly fell out of my chair.

I arrived to Vancouver with the tail end of long cold but as soon as we got going with the wedding day, I felt my second wind give me strength. The rain had threatened the day but somehow it only rained in the morning and the rest of the day was absolutely beautiful. Malloreigh had meticulously planned the schedule of the day and after everyone was done getting ready, we arrived at a very special place for their first look. It was the park where they first met, and Malloreigh took a seat on the bench where she awaited their very first date. They were both in complete awe of each other upon seeing each other for the first time in their amazing wedding garb.

My favorite part of the day was right after the ceremony. Malloreigh and Allie had just been pronounced partners for life and they exited Heritage Hall together.  As they finally got a moment to be alone together, they turned to each other and embraced and sobbed happy tears together in a way that I’ll never forget.

It was REALLY HARD to narrow the images down for this blog post, and I wasn’t allowed to share the images until now as they were accepted as a feature wedding in the RealWeddings Fall 2016 issue!

Malloreigh and Allie. Words cannot express how honoured I feel to have been a part of this amazing day. Thank you so much for choosing me and I can’t wait until the next time that I see you both and your sweet Hoover (their amazing cat).

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Describe the wedding planning process!
M: I really went with what I loved: the turn-of-the-twentieth-century style architecture and thrift store elegance that you’ll find if you visit my home, but on a grander scale and with less cat hair. I work as an event planner every day of my life, so in that way this was less of a challenge than it would have been for many brides, but at the same time it also means I have a bit of a control problem, and I had to let go of a few things both to keep my sanity and the harmony of my relationship. I am not very good at compromising. Allie didn’t veto very many of my decisions, but there were a few… like the champagne tower. I was not allowed to have a champagne tower.

What was your favorite part of the day?
M: I think both of us were surprised by how wonderful it was to be surrounded by over 100 people who we love and care for. It was the most fun party we’d ever been to, because we knew everyone and we loved all the music! As well, of course, I’d heard other brides tell me that the day really flies by, but I was still surprised at the degree to which this was true. In a way I wish I hadn’t paid attention to – and stressed about – so many little details because I didn’t have time to notice them on the day of. Hopefully everyone else appreciated them!

Greatest advice to couples planning their wedding?
M: If you can afford it, hire a wedding planner. If you can’t – and you can find a planning company that offers a consultation service – do it! Some wedding planners offer a package that involves a quick sit-down meeting with a planner and then a customized budget spreadsheet and list of vendor contacts. This is often much much cheaper than hiring a planner but will give you the kick-start you need to get your ducks in a row. As well, if you have a bit of room in your budget, a day-of coordinator will be worth every penny. My own expertise at event budgeting, rentals, and all the little things that are needed was invaluable. I can’t even imagine planning your own wedding without any of this knowledge – it would be so overwhelming. The great thing about a professional coordinator or planner, as opposed to a family member, is that they are really there to help YOU refine and execute YOUR vision – they don’t have any personal feelings riding on how your wedding looks, feels, or operates, so it won’t add family stress to your wedding experience.

Malloreigh also adds: “One of my favourite things in the week leading up to the wedding was crafting all the signage. It was meditative for me – in a week of whirlwind errand running, spending an hour doing calligraphy and cutting out fancy paper really helped me relax and enjoy the process.”

Ceremony and reception venue: Main Street Heritage Hall // Officiant: Performed by their friend, George, and witnessed by Linda Cohen // Bridal gown and dress maker: Action Bridal & Formal Wear Liquidators, gown by Alfred Angelo // Bridal suit: custom design by family friend, William // Malloreigh’s hair: Haley Glenn at The Parlour // Allie’s hair: Monika Tischer // Malloreigh’s makeup: Jenna Delaney // Allie’s makeup: Marc Palin // Malloreigh’s headpiece: Olivia the Wolf // Malloreigh’s earrings: Wasted Effort // Florist: Kerri at Rouge Florist // Cake: family friend, Katie // Event planner, stationary, and decor: Malloreigh! // Caterer: Vij’s // Transportation: family friend, Eric // Music: DJ Ruggedly Handsome // Day of coordinator: Celia // Bar services: Ayesha and Sara // Artificial trees: Greenscape Decor // Rentals: A&B Partytime // Second photographer: Jarusha Brown Photography

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